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Kairun Household Products is a team of people with many years of experience in creating and manufacturing family items for overseas markets. Now we are offering a number of different categories including food packaging, spice grinders, articles for ice cream, and microwave container sets. Not only do we focus on the safety of the material that used for food contact articles, but also make sure the whole production process is environmental friendly.
By making friends with every customers and sharing information with each other, we are able to custom design one specific item in any colors and styles to suit your various needs under full consideration of your local culture. Our production lines have been armed with hundreds of patented technologies which indirectly avoid the impacts from the rising labor and always keep our pricing in a very competitive position.
Our hope is to find a better solution for organizations who retail or distribute household products and we are trying our very best to achieve it. We stick on safety, quality, and low priced. Your satisfaction is our key to success.

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